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with considerable certainty

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Kapines juose metaliniu virbu tvora, dabar belike tik tvoros akmenu pamatu konturai, o kapiniu teritorija Pymi Uiaures rytu ir pietu puseje puslankiu susodinta lapuociu medPiu aleja.
Marlowe strengthens this possibility by having Third Scholar say, "Belike he is grown into some sickness by being over-solitary" (5.2.7-8).
Nay, if thou wert, Wouldst thou belike know of my hurt, And what might sting and what might heal?
Marcilius Ficinus seems to second this opinion, out of Plato, or from himself, I know not, (still ruling their inferiors, as they do those under them again, all subordinate, and the nearest to the earth rule us, whom we subdivide into good and bad angels, call Gods or Devils, as they help or hurt us, and so adore, love or hate) but it is most likely from Plato, for he relying wholly on Socrates, quem mori potius quam mentiri voluisse scribit, whom he says would rather die than tell a falsehood, out of Socrates' authority alone, made nine kinds of them: which opinion belike Socrates took from Pythagoras, and he from Trismegistus, he from Zoroastes, first God, second idea, 3.
Belike then my appetite was not princely got; for, by my troth, I do now remember the poor creature small beer.
7 100 8 100 7 100 -ing form/gerund -- -- -- -- -- -- TOTAL 7 0.5 8 0.4 7 0.4 HACER/ DO SER COMO/ TOTAL BELIKE N % N % N % 1st person sing.
It will belike the television channelsthat are available in the coun-try," Shivakumar added.In India Nokia will bebeefing up its smart phonesand services portfolio by ex-panding its Lumia and Asharange of phones.
As late as January 1990, Washington was concerned about the West German chancellor, Helmut Kohl, whose public comments suggested that he might be willing to try new security structures: "Kohl has said that rapid changes in Eastern Europe and in the relations between the alliances makes [sic] it impossible to say what the future European security architecture will belike."(1)
One home defeat in 19 Four straight wins Best defence in Championship "I'veplayedat theRiverside in thetopflight andtheUEFA CupandsoI knowwhatitcan belike when itsfull and the crowdarebuzzing.
Everysportisonofferforthe experiencedand,like me,thetotally inexperienced.Butit wouldn'talways belike thatasmyintroductorypool sessioncontinued.
A veritable witness have you hitherto been, Ishmael; but have a care how you seize the privilege of Jonah alone; the privilege of discoursing upon the joists and beams; the rafters, ridge-pole, sleepers, and under-pinnings, making up the frame-work of leviathan; and belike of the tallow-vats, dairy-rooms, butteries, and cheeseries in his bowels.
It was like the hottest day on the hottest weekend of the year, sohopefully itwill belike thatagain.
"It was the best of matches and the worst of matches but we always thought it might belike that between us."
He continued: "Leaving McClatchy, leaving the bureau and MCT, will belike leaving home, for they have been as perfect a fit for an aspiring journalist as I could have ever hoped.