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in a credulous manner

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Lichterman states that the self-help readers in his study read 'believingly but loosely', sometimes experiencing problems trying to remember particular messages, but showing a willingness to entertain psychological interpretations of personal troubles and assuming that within self-help books, 'the categories and analyses themselves are legitimate' (Lichterman, 1992: 427, 432).
The improvisatore's first answer multiplies the hypotheses in prose: "If he were worthy to have possessed it, and had believingly anticipated and not found it, how bitter the disappointment!" Then in verse, after a pause of a few minutes, he tries a different voice ex improviso:
Whoever understands how to read, reads believingly, for he rests his soul upon the vision ...
"If we ever need a housekeeper," Priscilla said believingly, "I would rather have Winnie Judd than anybody else." Judd was released in the fall of 1970, a few months after Bart's letter.
The police said that Muhammad Ishaq, a local jeweler along his brother Ismail and two of his sons was on his way to his house riding in a vehicle from his shop, when some unknown armed men believingly awaiting them on the road resorted to an indiscriminate firing targeting the vehicle.
Under the given circumstances, the private water tankers have also emerged as a mafia, who believingly operate in connivance with the valve men of the WASA and create the issue of water crisis, which majority term as an "artificial".
It may be mentioned here that the reports are constantly pouring in that Gwadar, the Balochistan's future economical and port city, is facing the problem of drinking water and the Ankara Kaur Dam, which was build in 1993, is empty now believingly thanks to the wrong and defective designing and architecture by the NESPAK, as a result there is no more water available for drinking.
The foundation initiated a not for profit School of Excellence - The Hub School- a boarding school for 800 boys which believingly will surpass existing standards of education in Pakistan.
As he reached the by-pass road from the Sariab link road, some unknown armed men believingly awaiting them, opened an indiscriminate fire on the vehicle as a result Professor Bari and the driver sustained multiple bullet wounds.