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Synonyms for believably

in a believable manner

easy to believe on the basis of available evidence

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He said Mr Obama made the statement before the rise of the ISIS but the terrorist group had believably risen from what was left of the al-Qaeda leadership in Iraq.
She gave a believably wooden performance in the best way possible.
Director Miguel Arteta lets the film unfold at its own pace and his cast is believably real, not simply Hollywood cute.
Director Miguel Arteta lets the film unfold at its own pace and, right down to Oxenbould's lisp, his cast is believably real and not simply Hollywood cute.
"Open Mike" is a first-person, hard-boiled detective story where an investigation into a girl's disappearance plays out as an involving mystery with snappy dialogue and a believably cynical result.
There to greet him at the gates is his sister (Karen Gillan from Doctor Who) who, not particularly believably, convinces him to spend a night in the old family home.
These stories are very well-written where voice, register and the heightened use of dramatic description combine to create believably fishy stories.
Last weekend, believably a special group of trained Taliban climbed up to the second highest mountain in Pakistan and gunned down foreigner mountain climbers including Chinese, Ukrainian and others.
The investigation into the murder unfolds believably, and the strands of the story are logically drawn together as the pace increases.
The (deliberately) lower-case united states of America believably reflects the variation of human reactions to the absence of a central authority.
The motorist didn't even recall exactly what Howard was yakkin' at him about while he was stopped, but believably said he feared for his life as Howie waved that big fork at him.
Despite the fact that Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has assets worth over 175 million rupees in the United Kingdom, including a 146-million-rupee mortgaged property there, no record of his believably big assets in Saudi Arabia is provided in his assets returns.
The characters are well-drawn and engaging, and the relationship between Brianne and her sisters is heartwarming and believably rendered.
Against it all, Violetta the party animal contrasted believably and poignantly with Violetta the slowly dying consumptive.
Along the way, Russian-born illustrator Bagram Ibatoulline gently and believably captures the pair's initial hesitations, hones in on details like the father's war-weary eyes, and gradually brings them together.