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Synonyms for believable

Synonyms for believable

worthy of being believed

Synonyms for believable

capable of being believed


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We are shown and not told about this world through these believable exchanges--believable in part because the characters themselves are flawed and damaged, as most of us are.
To talk in terms of still more cuts, while allowing senior managers to keep their illegal swag, defies any shame, the glacial speed of Gwent police in dealing with the illegal activities of Caerphilly, despite costing us millions, is I'm afraid all to believable.
Another came up with an explanation that was not very believable but was very creative that a swarm of bees surrounded his/her vehicle and they couldn't make it in.
The author says the book is loosely based on his own experience, and that shows in the way he crafts believable characters with well-observed interactions and dialogue between them.
He provides insight and exercises helpful in the creation of believable characters on stage, while recognizing the complexities posed by singing, rather than speaking, the character's utterances.
Adding together the "very" believable category with the next ranking of "somewhat" believable, agents scored high with 75.
31 in Health Promotion Practice, found that the four sources of health information deemed most believable by students are health center medical staff, health educators, faculty or coursework, and parents.
He was entirely believable as he protested his innocence.
Hoffman''s savant - a mass of baseball and airline disaster statistics - is one of modern cinema''s great triumphs: believable, unsentimental, often hilarious.
3 : barely believable <We moved at a fantastic speed.
Steve Coussens comes into his own at the end as the regimental sergeant major, although Simon Ravenhill's production brims with believable performances.
With no gratuitous rainbows, elves or unicorns, it somehow is believable.
It's believable and carries the reader right along.
The detailed setting and plot are believable and suspenseful.
Themes of adoption, single parenthood, drug addiction and elder care appear in this dramatic and realistic bittersweet tale, which paints thoroughly believable characters to the very end.