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a conical calcareous fossil tapering to a point at one end and with a conical cavity at the other end containing (when unbroken) a small chambered phragmocone from the shell of any of numerous extinct cephalopods of the family Belemnitidae

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For these purposes, detailed measurement bed by bed of the lithological succession, ammonite-based biochronostratigraphical studies, coupled with stable isotope analysis of diagenetically screened belemnite calcite, and total organic carbon (TOC) analysis, have been performed.
9 Note: The internationally recognized standards are: Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water (VSMOW) for 18O, Vienna Pee Dee Belemnite (VPDB) for carbon, and Vienna Canon Diablo troilite (VCDT) for sulphur.
The abundance of 18O and 13C in a sample is conventionally reported as the per mil (=mg/g or ) difference in delta (d) notation (d18O and d13C) between isotope ratios in the sample and those in the international Pee Dee Belemnite (PDB) standard which has d18O and d13C values of 0 (Hudson 1977).
Os resultados foram expressos em notacao S13C, em relacao ao padrao Peedee Belemnite (PDB), com erro de analise da ordem de 0,2 [per thousand] e calculado pela equacao 1:
Los valores de las proporciones isotopicas son expresados en partes por mil ([por millar]) relativos a los estandares internacionales PeeDee Belemnite (PDB) para el [sup.
The standard was Pee Dee Belemnite limestone for carbon isotopes and atmospheric nitrogen for nitrogen isotopes.
13]C were atmospheric N and PeeDee Belemnite carbonate, respectively.
In contrast, the positive carbon-isotope excursion associated with the Early Toarcian OAE has been attributed to an increased sequestration of isotopically light marine organic matter in ocean sediments under oxygen-depleted conditions, leading to the corresponding 'heavy' signal preserved in bulk rock, belemnite calcite, marine organic matter, and wood [6-7, 10-14].
12]C) se expresan en partes por mil ([por millar]) siguiendo al estandar internacional PeeDee Belemnite (PDB) con un error menor al 0, 1[por millar] y las del [[delta].
Museum experts told Claire, who works with autistic children, and husband Billy, 46, a driver, that their daughter had stumbled on the remains of a sea creature from the Jurassic period, known as a belemnite, which looks like a dart or bullet.
Hopefully, this work will corroborate the fossils: belemnite guards have been found in the stomach region of ichthyosaurs so it is assumed that they ate them," he added.
Todos os resultados isotopicos foram obtidos usando-se como padrao para o carbono o Vienna-Pee Dee Belemnite (VPDB) e para o nitrogenio o AR (Arnay-de-la-Rosa et al.
One of these types, belemnite chalk, is found only in Champagne.