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a prolonged surrounding of an objective by hostile troops

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Later events in Iraq, Syria, and Bahrain--plus rising anti-Shia sentiments in Egypt, the Maghreb, and Turkey--have increased the Shia sense of beleaguerment.
That this was so can be attributed, at least in part, to the sense of beleaguerment felt by Irish Protestants, and it is appropriate therefore that the collection opens with John Gibney's exploration of the memory of 1641 in the section devoted to 'aspects of ascendancy'.
It has served to increase the community's growing sense of beleaguerment caused by dwindling numbers and political influence and, in particular, by the frenzied anti-Israel feeling dominating public discourse.
Too often in a book that is concerned with absolute difference we read of the author's sense of beleaguerment with what he calls "our tendency to frame all discussion of black intellectual life with outmoded conceptions of a static Black American history and culture" (160, italics added).
(45) Worrying about others cooperating with the police could add to community-wide feelings of insecurity and beleaguerment. Tipping off the police can also provide an easy means for individuals and gangs to settle scores with each other.