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a wood or metal bar to which a rope can be secured (as on a ship or in mountain climbing)

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On the second day after the wounding of Black Michael, Clayton came on deck just in time to see the limp body of one of the crew being carried below by four of his fellows while the first mate, a heavy belaying pin in his hand, stood glowering at the little party of sullen sailors.
And it won't be with an iron belaying pin either, Just two bunches of naked knuckles, that's all.
And if the second mate hap- pened to be there (he had generally one day in three free of fever) I would find him sitting on the skylight half senseless, as it were, and with an idiotic gaze fastened on some object near by--a rope, a cleat, a belaying pin, a ringbolt.
The wood contains a natural oil which makes it self-lubricating, leading to its use for belaying pins, deadeyes and, more recently, propeller bearings on ships.
All the lighting, including the navigation lights, were powered by kerosene which was easy to come by and with a bit of attention a block and tackle and belaying pins rarely ever give problems