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the quality or condition of not being on time

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Citing the ubiquity of obeing lateo in post WWII American poetry, Keniston contends that belatedness is a central, albeit seldom noticed, concern and conflates a physical condition characterized by its relation to the present with a psychological state that presupposes an act of recollection.
Critique: Impressively written, exceptionally well organized and presented, "Ghostly Figures: Memory and Belatedness in Postwar American Poetry" is a seminal work of outstanding scholarship and very highly recommended for inclusion in the Literary Criticism reference collections of academic libraries.
Yeats's powerful, multilayered sense of cultural belatedness as part of his complex literary method" (1, emphasis mine).
A number of British artists considered to be outsiders were able to capitalize on the perception of belatedness and isolation.
For the American post-classical directors in the 1970s, as Bordwell points out, the belatedness resides in their desire to "recycle" and "update" the "conventions of the classic era" (23).
For years in my teens my inner life was influenced as much by Calvin and Luther as by the poetry and stories I was reading and beginning to write and I wanted my protagonist to be touched by that spiritual belatedness as well as by the social alienation that characterised the Valleys of the '80s.
While belatedness in translation does, as noted above, present a number of challenges, it has its advantages as well.
26) Italy has arrived late on the national and imperial scenes; this belatedness in turn gives rise to a rhetoric of urgency.
Perhaps she feels unable to keep up with time's passage; perhaps there is almost too much to gather in a single valediction, one that begins with the speaker "wearing her belatedness.
On the other hand, post-colonial elites often are trapped in reproducing Orientalism, even as they try to escape it (Fanon 1952), that tragically forms their sense of belatedness in modernity--treating local culture as barbarian and backward and treating modern (Western) law as progressive.
In terms of the discussion of the aesthetic and epistemological relations between various traumata which forms the centre of the argument here, there are two aspects worth special consideration; one concerns the temporality of trauma and centres on a more many-sided model of traumatic latency than pure Freudian belatedness, while the second involves an approach to traumatic memory that combines multidirectionality on the cultural-aesthetic level, and a multimodality of memory in the individual's case.
The reception of British surrealism has more often than not been coloured by a sense of its belatedness.
Because of this belatedness and because the war was fought at a great distance from the American home front, James claims that scholars have 'almost universally' tended to understate the impact of the war on American cultural identity and literary modernism (p.
Linking the reticence in the novel to belatedness and tracing the figures of zeugma or "double governance" in language, Ohi concludes that The Golden Bowl presents a queer plot in which "the lag in consciousness registered by the characters might thus be read as an after-effect of [the] principle of novelistic antiformalization" (43).
Belatedness is problematic when we feel weighted down by our social positioning.