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the quality or condition of not being on time

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In this work, the authors identify a strand that is distinct from--yet interwoven with--the texture of third-generation representation and that has not been clearly articulated in extant books on this subject: a predominant sense of belatedness evident in third-generation representation.
It was the mutual entwinement of political belatedness and aesthetic inadequacy that occupied me while writing Prose of the World: Modernism and the Banality of Empire (2013), a book on literature and colonial tedium.
Citing the ubiquity of obeing lateo in post WWII American poetry, Keniston contends that belatedness is a central, albeit seldom noticed, concern and conflates a physical condition characterized by its relation to the present with a psychological state that presupposes an act of recollection.
"Ghostly Figures: Memory and Belatedness in Postwar American Poetry" contends that this poetics of belatedness, along with the way it is bound to questions of poetic making, is a central, if critically neglected, force in postwar American poetry.
A fine introduction considers the rhetorical and figurative impulses of Romantic Orientalism: a tendency to invoke earlier texts as pre-texts, a predisposition to worry about solipsism as both a poetic condition and globally untenable, and a recognition, philosophical and poetic, of belatedness. These features mark Warren's analysis of Wordsworth's famous Dream of the Arab, and the post-Wordsworthian echoes of that episode.
The editors' helpful introduction defines the perspective that frames the volume, Yeats's deliberate belatedness. They argue he places himself at the end of many traditions: that of the romantics; of the aesthetes and decadents; of the authentically Irish literary and cultural revivalists; of the visionary western love poets, from Dante on.
Yeats's powerful, multilayered sense of cultural belatedness as part of his complex literary method" (1, emphasis mine).
A number of British artists considered to be outsiders were able to capitalize on the perception of belatedness and isolation.
As Fuchs argues, England, in the later sixteenth century and beyond, experienced a 'sense of belatedness' as to culture and literature, a sentiment often concerned with the language itself, and upon the urgency of 'enriching' its 'copiousness' (pp.
Scott negotiated David Bordwell's notion of "belatedness" in post-classical Hollywood and eventually established authorial identity.
For years in my teens my inner life was influenced as much by Calvin and Luther as by the poetry and stories I was reading and beginning to write and I wanted my protagonist to be touched by that spiritual belatedness as well as by the social alienation that characterised the Valleys of the '80s.
While belatedness in translation does, as noted above, present a number of challenges, it has its advantages as well.
(26) Italy has arrived late on the national and imperial scenes; this belatedness in turn gives rise to a rhetoric of urgency.
Perhaps she feels unable to keep up with time's passage; perhaps there is almost too much to gather in a single valediction, one that begins with the speaker "wearing her belatedness."