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Synonyms for bejewel

adorn or decorate with precious stones

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Opening Bejewel was a dream for Michelle, who lives with her husband in Linthorpe.
The variety with which the Diva's fan-like arc showcases itself- whether set with a gemstone or adorned with diamonds, as a single charm or as part of a pattern that twists and shapes into a delicate bejeweled bloom-embodies the type it is made for.
The jewelers chose this year to pair the bra with a matching bejeweled belt that wraps around the tummy and played on Victoria's Secret's tribute to British Angels by using a patriotic mixture of gold, red, white and blue.
"PopCap has decided to suspend Bejeweled Blitz on Google+ to redeploy our resources to other adaptations of Bejeweled," a PopCap spokesperson told TechCrunch.
Casual games developer PopCap Games announced on Thursday the launch of Bejeweled HD for iPad.
With the intention of helping to end violence against women, Guardian Girls has launched a limited edition pepper spray that is so elegant it passes as a bejeweled accessory rather than a kick-ass safety device.
The iPhone game Angry Birds has become unbelievably popular for a casual game it's almost reached the ranks of casual game perfection, where titles like Bejeweled and Peggle reign.
Early gameboards or bejeweled sets made for royalty are priceless museum pieces beyond the reach of most hobbyists, but chess collectors still have a range of antique and modern sets to choose from.
Almost lost to history, the passenger ship Titanic went to the bottom of the Atlantic 98 years ago carrying a bejeweled copy of Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyyat.
Bookworm will be followed by an all-new adaptation of Bejeweled Twist(TM) for DSiWare later this fall.
Add collectors'-quality Miss Trish of Capri hand-crafted sandals, these adorned with bejeweled pink conch shells ($500 at Addison Craig).
Gloves, once a sign of a true lady, are now bejeweled and available are now bejeweled and available in an array of fabrics to be worn with flair.
Since she had been dancing in plain pink pointe shoes, the bejeweled shoe came out of nowhere.
The diamond jewelry scion will launch the 1,000 s/f ground floor location, along what is now called the "Bejeweled Mile" because of all of the fine jewelry retailers found along its length, as a springboard for shops in several major cities throughout the country.
Like a shower in the kitchen, this discord may have been an apt theatricalization of the scarcity of New York square footage, but it often served individual pieces poorly: Price's works, for example, were easily ignored; and Nicole Cherubini's god-ugly furred and bejeweled glazed urns might have been more engaging had their placement near the door not made them seem more like obstacles than artworks.