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Rather, "[t]he Nothing is the enabling of the manifestness of beings [as a whole and] as such for human Dasein." (58) Thus, to the extent that beings as a whole and as such can be understood as Being (or beingness), a distinction between the Nothing and Being is preserved.
Among their topics are indigenous knowledge exclusion in education systems of African: the impact of beingness and becoming an Africa, an indigenous perspective on technology education, communities of practice and indigenous knowledge: a case study of empowering women in processing shea butter using scientific animations, applying indigenous knowledge in agricultural extension in Zimbabwe, and tackling the preservation of African tales in the technological era: Ghana's legends.
Islam proposes that this view of Quantum state of beingness can only be understood if one understands the meaning of "selflessness" or the "destruction of the Ego," and to allow the self to be liberated from the confines of a physical and mechanistic world.
The true duty as an ideal form of respect for the golden law derives from the authenticity of the Ego's beingness and represents a movement of the spirit towards the Other as a form of responsibility (1).
However, no other model seems to focus on (a) values as the very essence of men's beingness, (b) how a man's values underlie all of his thoughts and actions, nor (c) values analysis and values ranking as the fundamental focus of therapy.
Of real interest is how each 'discipline' (of knowledge) interacts within the bodied sensorium of the (inter) active or intercorporeal beingness over time-space that, to push that still philosophical challenge (e.g., Lakoff & Johnson, 1999; Sanders, 1999), underpins the notion of experiential environmental education described above, and formalised below.
Did you read any spiritual books prior to beingness?” “Selfless Self” offers a fresh, simple, clear and totally pragmatic approach to Advaita Vedanta and nonduality.
It is urgent that we as a Christian society fmd a way to convey the message that God created, loves and sustains the innate beingness of each human person.
He invites readers along numerous paths to discover the light within: connecting with the true self, exploring beingness, transforming fear, making choices, experiencing reality, and coming into a sense of unity with the divine.
Hermeneutics does not privilege a final answer or polemic assumptions but gestures towards the 'beingness' of experiences, providing deeper knowing, thinking and an ongoing dialogue.
And it is that essence of beingness, a kind of naturalstate of the self, that is unfurling in the poem's last stanza.An alternate reading that ghosts this phrase for me is the idea thatthere is power in the ability to be unfurled, by oneself or byanother.
Walkerdine V, 2010, "Communal beingness and affect: an exploration of trauma in an ex-industrial community" Body and Society 16 91-116
The art of a poet who uses nature and natural processes to express a condition of beingness and to explore states of mind is often measured in the precision and concreteness of the objects and events used as a foundation for the poetics.