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Synonyms for being

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Synonyms for being

the fact or state of existing or of being actual

the condition of being in full force or operation

one that exists independently

a basic trait or set of traits that define and establish the character of something

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Synonyms for being

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for thought is the robot too; I'm the being who can't be sad.
With a built-in computer and tiny solenoid pistons, the piano springs to life there as though being played by a ghost initiating every key stroke and pedal movement that Lucas makes ...
Usually these pictures fill me with a small sense of regret and longing, but this day it dawns on me that my fear of being perpetually single had subsided.
Due to single mothers' obstacles to higher education, a support group was organized at a large university in the south-central United States so that students who were single mothers could meet in a supportive atmosphere, build a social network, share experiences and childcare, and express fears, challenges, and the hurdles of being a single parent in college.
As far as your idea of reason being the element that secures freedom you could not be further removed from the truth.
Francie, 14, says, "If I don't eat much, my BFF accuses me of being anorexic--which, of course, I'm not.
Even if we "overlook" abuse by God, that is no justification for doing it with humans, though one could argue that the abuser does not lose his fundamental humanity by being an abuser; he only obligates us to separate him from ourselves and others he may hurt.
Although the insurance buyers purchase through intermediaries, even the E&S segment is being forced to expand customers' channel options to the Internet to remain competitive, reduce costs and allow agents to focus more on value-added services and less on administrative tasks.
Despite being a subscriber to The New York Times and other publications, yours is the only coverage I have seen of Charlton Heston's speech to the Christian Coalition meeting.
The journal will continue to publish thematic issues, with the fall issue being devoted to papers presented at the SBHS annual meeting, as well as papers presented at other meetings.
An act exhibits me as a different kind of natural being. I do not simply accede to events and powers.
Perhaps thrice a week, I go to bookstores-mostly not to buy, but to just enjoy being able to stare at the merchandise.
We understand you have extended such a courtesy to our colleagues in London in the past, and we would appreciate being given the same opportunity.
As I teach, I project the condition of my soul onto my students, my subject and our way of being together.
Though he would have challenged for the Leeds Golf Car Yorkshire Open - a title he has won twice - at Bradford (Hawksworth) on May 23 but for being in the States, Brand will be at Willow Valley for the championship and pro-am two days after having contested the Wales Senior Open at Celtic Manor, Newport.