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Synonyms for beholden

Synonyms for beholden

owing something, such as gratitude or appreciation, to another

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under a moral obligation to someone

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"We pray and hope CJ Teresita de Castro will be true to what she fought for-independence of the Supreme Court-and would never be beholden to any political party and person who appointed her," Santos said.
However, former CNRP lawmaker Ou Chanrath said Tech's achievements were not based on his legal expertise, but on the fact that the courts are beholden to his clients.
To the the local beholden on accommodate Welsh The time when steak is cooked rare.
'I will not allow the government to be beholden to anyone except to the people,' he said of his rejection of P383 million in EU aid.
A commissioner beholden to labor could persecute employers, while a commissioner beholden to business could let wage-and-hour or civil rights violations slide.
THOSE politicians and unions that remain beholden to the idea of new nuclear developments need to wake up and smell the coffee.
They must really be beholden to that country, but never mind.
The ad praises Trump for not being beholden to lobbyists, donors and political insiders.
The Houthis deny being beholden to Tehran and say the exiled government in Riyadh and the coalition are US puppets.
If the back-to-school bells you hear mean that summer's over and classes have started up again, then it also must be time to get back-to-work--but before becoming beholden to the five o'clock whistle, start the new season off on the right foot with Hi-Tech's Men's Halifax 8.0 and the Stealthforce Men's and Women's 6.0/8.0.
Dr McDonnell ruled out a coalition with the Tories, pledged to oppose welfare cuts and said his party would represent the best interests of Northern Ireland rather than be beholden to other parties in post-poll talks.
The lack of job security also means we feel beholden to our employer for any shifts we are given.
GEORGE Osborne tugs the rug from under Labour by claiming Ed Balls could not be "beholden" to SNP votes to get a UK budget through.
The study, published in the Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology journal, found that African-American women aren't as beholden to the gender stereotypes--mainly that STEM fields are for men--that dissuade Caucasian women from entering the STEM fields.
It is now beholden on the Government to do this in a way which is fair to all the electorate.