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Synonyms for beholden

Synonyms for beholden

owing something, such as gratitude or appreciation, to another

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under a moral obligation to someone

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My mother was fiercely Scottish and therefore independent in spirit and believed one should never be beholden to people.
not directly and personally hired by the home buyer are likely to be beholden to the seller/mortgage company/bank.
Loo rolls and toothpaste are chosen Very little stays long on the shelf, You are happily to Tesco beholden, In return, they look after your health.
I'm really beholden to Greg for reintroducing them to the idea.
Campaign rhetoric aside, at the national level the Democratic Party, like the Republican Party, is beholden to the power elites.
Those beholden to powerful interests will try to eclipse the sun and forestall the dawn.
Not far beneath the vitriolic and bombastic rhetoric were Scarborough's pleas to evangelical Christians to turn out in large numbers on Election Day for candidates beholden to the Religious Right's agenda.
Beholden Race 9, Gulfstream Trainer Eoin Harty has won with six of his 16 starters at the meeting and six more have been placed.
The vaunted products of abstract thinking usually remain only those most tractable, beholden to language and/or rationality.
Through a gendered line of inquiry, she demonstrates that it is not only the imperial instruments of power that keep the workers of Asian "tiger" economies beholden to US corporations: the role of the dutiful daughter is highly complicit in these economic arrangements.
Dear Editor, - Craig Deacon (Post, Feb 11) writes that in the United States "most leading politicians are almost totally beholden to big business - it costs several million dollars to be elected to major offfice in the USA.
We think museums are increasingly beholden to rich donors whose taste is often conservative," says a group member who uses the name Kathe Kollwitz, paying tribute to a German artist whose work came to prominence at the turn of the 20th century and was later banned by the Nazi regime.
No longer is that the case: Far from being beholden solely to tax officials from the IRS, LMSB, CRA, FTB, DOR, and OECD (as well as to elected officials), tax executives are today increasingly faced with mandates from an alphabet soup of non-tax regulatory agencies and quasi-regulatory bodies including the SEC, PCAOB, IASB, and FASB.
If we fail to reduce our dependence on OPEC oil, we remain beholden to events in dangerous, unstable parts of the world.
Members of reform groups like Voice of the Faithful (VOTF), Call to Action (CTA), or Suvivors' Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) were rejected because the board "couldn't be seen as beholden to a group's agenda.