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of or relating to behaviorism

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To arrive at a tenable interpretation of the validity of the law is possible only by a synthesis of psychological and behaviouristic views (...).
The behaviouristic characteristics of botnets (propagation vectors, communication channels and hierarchy, functionality, defence techniques) can be described as a botnet strategy.
Thus, Elias and Merriam (1995) described five philosophical traditions that are generally understood to underpin adult education: liberal, progressive, behaviouristic, humanistic and radical traditions.
A step that helped to unveil the intricacies involved in human emotions was the change among the scientists to concentrate more on cognitive psychology rather than behaviouristic or humanistic one.
There is a lagging behind in Europe in the cognitive approach in relation to the behaviouristic approach to the study of drivers' behaviour and reactions (Michon, 1985).
* There is a need to transform education from a teacher-centered behaviouristic to a learner-centered constructavist model by empowering the teachers to empower the learners through the integration of modern ICTs into all aspects of the learning process as depicted in Figure 3.
The theory, in its original formalisation, is purely behaviouristic. Various approaches have been devised in order to theoretically explain the observed behaviour by considering underlying cognitive constructs (e.g.
Muttering "What the...?" to himself as things go from bad to flaccid, the behaviouristic effect on the viewer is clear.