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Synonyms for behaviourist

a psychologist who subscribes to behaviorism


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of or relating to behaviorism

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An accredited behaviourist will be able to work with you and your dog over time and hopefully come up with a behavioural desensitisation programme through slow introductions with other dogs.
Thus, given the behaviourist paradigm failure to account for complexities surrounding necessary and sufficient conditions for the occurrence of successful conditioning and learning, there has been a paradigm shift from behaviourism to cognitivism (McLaren and Mackintosh, 1989).
Owners go to the vet first, worried that it's something physical, and when that's been checked the pet is referred to an animal behaviourist.
If he has no underlying medical problems, then the problem could be due to what behaviourists refer to as "petting and biting syndrome", when cats will initiate contact with people, but then will suddenly bite.
Judge Niclas Parry made the order - together with detailed conditions over how he is to be cared for in the future, including a pub ban - after reading a detailed expert report by an animal behaviourist.
Canine behaviourist Caroline Cowan and some of her doggy friends
Halfway Home offered to take him and put him with a professional behaviourist.
In fact with the emergence of technology in military learning, the behaviourist approach becomes the key learning theory in designing relevant courseware.
Though you might not realise it, you almost certainly incorporate some fundamental behaviourist principles in your training design and delivery.
Vet Trude Mostue and animal behaviourist Roger Mugford set about trying to cure the pets of their anti-social antics,but will any of them get over their nasty habits?
Developed by Howard Jones, an animal behaviourist, it is available from pet superstore chain Pets at Home.
Watson's 1913 behaviourist manifesto, were those of Max Meyer and A.
Arguing that we need to understand that Shakespeare's texts 'bear the distinctive marks of a behaviourist way of thinking' (pp.
ANIMAL behaviourist Bruce Fogle tackles the problems of understanding your domestic pets in these informative and entertaining books in which the 'animals' ask the questions about their owners' seemingly bizarre habits.
We went to an animal behaviourist but they said all they could do is make him sit and stay and that he would never get out of it.