behavioristic psychology

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an approach to psychology that emphasizes observable measurable behavior

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Some examples of the Baconian approach are behavioristic psychology, demography, roll-call analysis and voting studies, and survey research.
Jammed into the far corner are 142 of his critics -- biologists, computer scientists, linguists, neuro-scientists and philosophers -- waiting to hit the head of behavioristic psychology with their best shots.
Two of Enchmen's early monographs on the theory of new biology pertain to behavioristic psychology: the first chapter, "Psychology Before the Tribunal of the Revived Positivism," in a projected book titled New Evolutionary Theory; second, a book titled Eighteen Theses of the "Theory of New Biology." The chapter, never published, was written in 1913, about the time Enchmen met Pavlov (Enchmen, 1913).
At this time Ranschburg was preparing his critical reviews of objective and behavioristic psychology (Ranschburg, 1932a, 1932b) and there must have been many discussions of motor theories as well as of Ranschburg's conceptions of the interaction of similar neural patterns.
Numerous forms of behavioristic psychology evolved, leaving issues raised by mentality and related topics largely in the hands of an extrascientific community (Baars & Banks, 1992).