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Synonyms for behaviorist

a psychologist who subscribes to behaviorism


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of or relating to behaviorism

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Indeed, for the Skinnerian behaviorist, everything the body does is
The first paper explains the complex and dynamic process of changing from a behaviorist learning theory to a constructivist learning theory for mathematics instruction in a K4 school.
Mills writes: Watson's position was a foretaste of what was to come in the Behaviorist movement.
Behaviorists warned over and over again the a fussing baby must not be picked up; sleep training knew of no exceptions, though a worried parent could peek in to see if there was any special problem.
Houpt is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists and emeritus professor at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.
Veterinary behaviorists can be few and far between, but if there isn't one in your area, many are willing to consult with your veterinarian remotely to offer advice on the appropriate medication regimen (usually for a fee).
Most trainers or behaviorists that have the training and experience to successfully address a dog's issues cost much more than the average person can afford.
Montagna report to the animal control officer within 24 hours of the initial dog hearing in November that Sunny was in a safe, secure area and that he had made an appointment with a certified animal behaviorist to evaluate the 15-month-old dog's temperament and "trainability."
Trainer, behaviorist, and animal therapist Linda Tellington-Jones presents accumulated wisdom from 40 years of working with animals in Getting in Tough with Your Puppy: A Gentle Approach to Training and Influencing Behavior.
"It's quite an interesting finding because they test hypotheses about not just what males do but what they can do under certain circumstances," says insect behaviorist Samuel Beshers of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
In the behaviorist viewpoint, teachers are the disseminators of information and students are passive receptacles of the knowledge that teachers impart (Hay & Barab, 2001; Tullavantana, 2002).
Ian Dunbar's background is as both a vet and an animal behaviorist and writer: the blend of disciplines lends well to Before And After Getting Your Puppy: a guide to positive puppy raising.
The path toward this new frontier has been charted by artists such as Matthew Barney, whose work engages us by exploiting our fascination with uncanny creatures and their uncontrollable libidos, and Andrea Zittel, who encourages us to project ourselves into unsettlingly regimented domestic environments reminiscent of '50s behaviorist experiments.
These examples are harmless, but trainers who look to dominance theory to justify using force may be putting owners at risk, says behaviorist Katherine A.
The veterinarian who treated Oliver's injuries said that he should be on Prozac and that we should see a veterinary behaviorist. He gave us a prescription for Valium--with no refills--and said that this was to keep him from jumping out of the window again.