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Synonyms for behalf

on something or someone's behalf or on behalf of something or someone: as a representative of


on something or someone's behalf or on behalf of something or someone: for the benefit of


  • for the benefit of
  • for the sake of
  • in support of
  • on the side of
  • in the interests of
  • on account of
  • for the good of
  • in defence of
  • to the advantage of
  • for the profit of

Words related to behalf

as the agent of or on someone's part (usually expressed as "on behalf of" rather than "in behalf of")

for someone's benefit (usually expressed as 'in behalf' rather than 'on behalf' and usually with a possessive)

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In order to get around these state laws barring expansion, Chattanooga and Wilson implored the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") to intervene on their behalves. The FCC issued an order claiming that it had statutory power to preempt the state laws in order to further telecommunications access and support competition in the market.
What if a social robot takes care of business on their behalves, autonomously?
They can also team up and create relationships with attorneys, accountants and other professionals who can act together on clients' behalves.
On one hand, Marvin's daughter Nona Gaye describes the "painful joke" of Thicke and Williams's copying "Got to Give it Up" in a highly proprietary way: "That's our father, that's what he left for us, our legacy." (188) On the other hand, the Gaye children have stressed that they are the "caretakers of such treasures" with a responsibility of "protecting the legacy of original artistry." (189) As IP heirs, they are accordingly purporting to act both on their own behalves and in furtherance of musical traditions generally.
The business model was unsustainable and Menai either failed to provide vehicles to customers after having taken payment for the vehicles or failed to forward funds to customers after selling vehicles on their behalves.
Rather, he states that fiduciaries exercising discretion refers to their abilities to make decisions on their beneficiaries' behalves, which includes the ability to decide from among a range of permissible options.
to participate in international lawmaking on their own behalves. While
"We feel that our discretionary service better serves the needs of our clients since it gives us the authority to proceed with purchases or sales on their behalves without the need to obtain permission beforehand.
When the ECHO inquired why HMP Liverpool had stopped using the email service, a Prison Service spokesperson said: "The Governor at HMP Liverpool has decided that prison staff should not spend time sending emails on prisoners' behalves and should focus on operational duties instead.
"This government, the present government has been living in a different world and behalves differently.
It seems they rely instead on their companies' corporate accounts spreading the PR message on their behalves.
(6) However, the benefits do not justify transplanting hands and faces from deceased donors who were not adequately informed while alive that these body parts are options for organ donation, regardless of whether surrogates consent on their behalves. As these transplant procedures become more common, lack of information, misinformation about their purposes, or poor outcomes might cause people to explicitly seek to opt out of donating their hands and faces.
Children of foreign nationals who are classified as immediate relatives are not eligible for immediate relative status in the same way as derivative immigrants, and must instead have separate petitions approved on their behalves.