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Synonyms for behalf

on something or someone's behalf or on behalf of something or someone: as a representative of


on something or someone's behalf or on behalf of something or someone: for the benefit of


  • for the benefit of
  • for the sake of
  • in support of
  • on the side of
  • in the interests of
  • on account of
  • for the good of
  • in defence of
  • to the advantage of
  • for the profit of

Words related to behalf

as the agent of or on someone's part (usually expressed as "on behalf of" rather than "in behalf of")

for someone's benefit (usually expressed as 'in behalf' rather than 'on behalf' and usually with a possessive)

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They cannot expect society to scan the heavens for them and do their work on their behalfs.
The statement released by Hicks' spokesman on both of their behalfs suggests there may be no disunity for them to exploit and if Gillett signs up to the restructuring deal it would represent the biggest statement of intent he could make at this time.
I went to a meeting one day in the governor's office, and they came in and said, well, we have been talking and what we would like to do is ask the University of Massachusetts to operate this bank on all of our behalfs," Mr.
Under current law, owners acting on their own behalfs to collect past-due rents or to evict are not subject to the notification requirements, and this does not change.
Let me thank, on all your behalfs, and on my behalf, too, for outstanding service to our country, for his leadership of the financial community, for his steadfastness at all times, and for his unshakeable integrity - Sir Edward George.
I want you to know I appreciate your efforts on all our behalfs.