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Synonyms for beguiling

Synonyms for beguiling

highly attractive and able to arouse hope or desire

misleading by means of pleasant or alluring methods

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He is the Director of Library Services for The Beguiling Books & Art and the Manager of Little Island Comics, North America's first and only comic book shop just for kids.
OWL OF DELIGHT: Goldfrapp's fifth album is beguiling; ALLURING: Alison Goldfrapp
Ranging from London to South Africa, from the Boer War to the final months of WWI, Tom Bedlam captures the spirit of the times as it portrays a beguiling hero wrestling with his loyalties, affections and conscience until he realises that the simple bonds of family can prevail against human folly and the march of progress.
But I've no kick for those who come with all their pleas beguiling.
It could only be Venice, that perpetually gaudy, deceptively beguiling stage for curatorial ambition and enterprise.
Sadly, it was not the last of the technical problems that bedevilled this eagerly-awaited set from the beguiling Canadian folk trio.
The Rough Guide to Wales, published alongside the Rough Guide to Britain, describes the nation as 'the most beguiling part of the British Isles'.
Intimate details are mixed with world events in a beguiling way, based in large part on letters and notes left by Florence herself.
Thanks to this refreshing approach, at once rich in local color and careful analysis, readers will find their long, reflective, low-key tour with this beguiling pandit-cicerone time very well spent.
From a supposition of the first guitarist in America (a Spanish solider named Juan Garcia y Talvarea, 1576) to jazz, blues and rock, these chapters contain some of the most beguiling stories about the instrument, its players, promoters and other assorted personages.
The trick is beguiling; it has to do with order but also with chance.
6" section of the article that "By beguiling conservatives [emphasis mine] into supporting the accord on the pre-text of 'free trade,' they have a much better chance of getting it through Congress." He thus assumes that all conservatives support the policies of supposed free trade agreements, which assumption couldn't be further from the truth.
Charlaine Harris has created a charming, beguiling and sometimes unsafe alternate Earth where the creatures of the night are both sexy and dangerous, sometimes at the same time.
"We aim to make the world's most beguiling beer less of a mystery to America," said Laurent Demuynck, president of Duvel Moortgat U.S.A., Cooperstown, NY.