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As the beguiler walked to the center of the stage, the crowd grew silent.
Meanwhile, Headey--who played Piper Perabo's beguiler in Imagine Me & You--infuses Sarah with all the girl power of Linda Hamilton as well as more skin for the lesbian fans.
Behold the cherry blossom, harbinger of spring in the nation's capital, beguiler of both tourists and locals, queen of the festival, cause of celebration throughout the city.
In the book's early stages, we do learn about Holmes' admittedly impressive abilities, both as a builder and a beguiler. In the cellar of his building, he relied on his anatomical knowledge to devise devilish torture devices and even installed an incineration chamber to do away with his victims.
The PDP cautioned Nigerians to be 'wary of the APC and identified beguilers in the Buhari administration who have have been fully mobilised to commence the release of fictional and false performance indices with a view to swaying Nigerians ahead of 2019 general elections.'