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Synonyms for beguilement

magnetic personal charm

an entertainment that provokes pleased interest and distracts you from worries and vexations

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The spirit of de Selby's footnotes has leaked into the text proper; a hyper-material enlightenment madness is brought to revelations threshold by beguilement.
Article 285 of the law states that if a person deceives another, he shall be liable for damages arising from such an act of beguilement.
A beguilement of which Odysseus himself would have been proud.
Guggenheim Museum, New York; curated by Nancy Spector) Amid all the performance-oriented work in New York this year, Sehgal's show was a masterstroke of beguilement and detachment.
In the language of the place, such a confluence is spoken of as a mohona--a strangely seductive word, wrapped in many layers of beguilement.
Breaking from the religion of one's parents is difficult enough without the beguilement of a truly entertaining preacher.
Because Siegfried ignores the possibility that he is being duped, the beguilement succeeds.
That foursome clearly walked off with the evening's award for energetic beguilement in the opening Jolson role; in the third offering, a svelte, ingratiating "Bidin' My Time"; and in the first half's closing, "I Got Rhythm.