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(of offspring) generated by procreation

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Perhaps a hundred yards above the water, out of the south, riding like Valkyries swiftly through the air on the strange steeds the engineering of Europe had begotten upon the artistic inspiration of Japan, came a long string of Asiatic swordsman.
I think he trusted a little also to the energy which is begotten by circumstances--some feeling rushing warmly and making resolve easy, while debate in cool blood had only made it more difficult.
It may seem a hard matter," says he, "to love our neighbours, who have so much of what is evil about them, and whose faults so often awaken the evil that lingers within ourselves; but remember that HE made them, and HE loves them; and whosoever loveth him that begat, loveth him that is begotten also.
And of his fatness it would seem had been begotten his good nature with its allied laziness.
Beelzebub he is the god of flies, which are begotten of the sun's rays
I am Envy, begotten of a chimney-sweeper and an oyster-wife.
All who were begotten at the time when their fathers and mothers came together will be called their brothers and sisters, and these, as I was saying, will be forbidden to inter-marry.
He felt the chaotic presence of all the horse-men and fish-women that man's unnatural fancy has begotten.
Nothing, Falsehood, may indeed stand as the great Night or shade on which as a background the living universe paints itself forth, but no fact is begotten by it; it cannot work, for it is not.
That what we falsely call a religious cry is easily raised by men who have no religion, and who in their daily practice set at nought the commonest principles of right and wrong; that it is begotten of intolerance and persecution; that it is senseless, besotted, inveterate and unmerciful; all History teaches us.
Yet Huntington demonstrates clearly that it would be erroneous to situate Star Begotten within this tradition.
This wise Benedictine quotes Meister Eckhart: "When God laughs at the soul and the soul laughs back at God, the persons of the Trinity are begotten.
We have seen his glory, the glory of the Only Begotten Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.
It seems that Roth has inadvertently begotten a whole platoon of boys who like to pack rooms full of junk.
Built into both the system and society is a structural imbalance akin to the Olsonian accumulation of interest groups: Each government program and subsidy is begotten by, or begets, an interest group that cares much more about keeping it than anyone else cares about killing it.