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To order by debit/credit card, call 0843 922 5000 quoting DM32770, or send a cheque made payable to MGN DM32770 to Begonia Apricot Cascades Offer (DM32770), PO Box 64, South West District Office, Manchester, M16 9HY.
Iridescent blue leaves on some begonias aren't just for show--they help the plants harvest energy in low light.
Many begonia grow near the undergrowth of tropical rainforests, where the tree canopy is usually quite thick and lets through very little light, forcing plants under the canopy to harvest every little bit of light they can find.
I also love my begonias as I spend a lot of time working with them in my greenhouse.
The brilliant yellow and warming orange blooms of Begonia Illumination Apricot Shades F1 cascade down to create a riot of colour well into autumn.
The selection includes today's most popular annuals, including Begonias, SunPatiens[R], Petchoa and Petunias.
Lower light environments still result in less bleaching in other begonia species, but all species we tested had similar sizes and developmental rates in either light level.
One of my personal favorites for vibrant foliage, interesting leaf shape and unique surface texture are the many cultivars of Rex begonia.
The best news of all is their new toughness, thanks to the efforts of begonia propagator and breeder Jim Booman of Booman Floral in Vista, California.
I'M sorry to say, Kerry, that I think that your begonia has succumbed to the cold of winter and unfortunately there is little hope.
He includes begonia resources, plants recommended for novices and for terrariums, proposed taxonomic changes/synonyms, and an illustrated glossary of terms.
Meanwhile, soft ground is just what Aidan O'Brien would like to see for his Ribblesdale Stakes runner-up Star Begonia.