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a solicitation for money or food (especially in the street by an apparently penniless person)

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This has prompted some people to turn to begging as a lucrative form of income, even though they have the ability to work.
I Introduction II The Problem of Begging A The Public Interest and Value in Responding to Begging within a Human Rights Framework III Understanding the Nature, Extent and Causes of Begging A Literature Survey B Primary Research C Demographic Profile of People who Beg D Why and How do People Beg?
He was dressed corporately so it came as a shock to me when he started begging me for alms.
"Our experiences in Darlington is that homelessness is rarely the reason people beg, while begging to feed an addiction is common.
AN immediate and tougher crackdown has been urged on begging in Bahrain.
It is evident from the fact that begging is a business in Pakistan.
'And when we arrest them for begging, their companions raise a ruckus and fight us while NGOs accuse us of violating their rights.'
Since police patrols have been intensified in busy areas, they are finding residential zones more suitable and convenient for begging. Khaleej Times spoke to a number of beggars in Al Qasimiya area in Sharjah and tried to understand what drives them to resort to begging.
Captain Hadi Mohammed al Hajri, Head of the Anti-Begging Department, said the CID is playing a vital role in combating the practice of begging. The Department of Anti-Begging and criminal investigation departments in the various security agencies have been carrying out intensive campaigns in different areas and places frequented by beggars, especially commercial complexes and mosques, to eliminate this problem, he added.
HYDERABAD -- The Commissioner Hyderabad Mohammad Abbas Baloch while expressing his grave concern and annoyance over increasing trend of professional begging and of beggers in Hyderabad has asked the formation of divisional as well as district level committees against such menace.
Begging is a complex social problem with no quick fix.
ISLAMABAD -- To combat the menace of begging mafia in capital city, Islamabad Police have decided to launch an immediate crackdown against professional beggars and their handlers in city.
The law stipulates that anyone found begging in public or private places will face an imprisonment of not less than two months and not exceeding a year.
Only in the most extreme of circumstance should you consider begging says Islam.
This number totals 868 people, because one person who was sentenced had been found guilty in a previous year ORE than two people a day are found guilty of the crime of begging.