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a woman who is a beggar

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And it was in the romantic remains of the Shrewsbury estate we stumbled across sense-scrambling attraction Hex - based on the local legend of an old oak tree cursed by a beggarwoman.
As Annabel Patterson asserts, "Cade is an impostor, a traitor of his class, hawking his false claims to the name of Mortimer by way of a romantic fiction, the tale of a noble child stolen from its cradle by a beggarwoman, and now returned to claim its inheritance." (22)
(84) The scene is redolent of the two cousins' own horror at being accosted in public by "my cousin's own little Judy from Menlo," a Galway beggarwoman persistent in her distant and embarrassing kinship to Miss Martin.
A woodcut, too, from this 1835 volume of the Comic Annual, is redolent of the creative tension between humour and social concern: 'A Step Mother' portrays a poor beggarwoman sitting on a step with her children, the brutal pun forcing the reader to redefine his automatic contextualization of polite vocabulary.