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This phrase seems to imply that God becomes wise only by begetting Jesus Christ.
40) But if the Father is wise only in the begetting of his wisdom, or is Father only in the begetting of his Son, then he is not God without that wisdom or Son, which leads to the unsatisfying conclusion that the Son is indistinguishable from the Father.
entirety from the Father in his eternal begetting of the Son, whereas
uncreated being opens up a concrete collaboration between begetting and
The Father's eternal begetting of the Son is included in
the temporal incarnated begetting of Jesus that is accomplished by the
What does this imply regarding human begetting and the problem of
The Father in begetting the Son has poured out his whole
My only reservation with his theory is that perhaps the interrelated person-defining activities of begetting, being begotten, and being spiraled might better be seen as variations on a single activity, e.
Walters had three catches in the first two quarters, each begetting first downs, to help the Cardinal to a six-point lead at halftime over the heavily favored Badgers.
All of these gradual 'slouchings towards Gomorrah' are the natural byproduct of the severing of the sexual act from the prime end of that act, and from its fundamental natural function: the begetting of the child.
If one severs the possibility of reproduction from the nature of the sexual act, then it will be difficult to deny the 'right' to engage in legally sanctioned sexual activities to those (homosexuals and others) whose sexual act always precludes the begetting of a child.
If the heterosexuals distort the relationship between man and woman at its most intimate level, through their decision to avoid begetting new life, how can they reasonably ask those who are oriented differently to resist their own particular temptation to distort their own lives?