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a male parent (also used as a term of address to your father)

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primeval, their begetter, Mummu, and Tiamat, she who gave birth to them
On his account, it would be no exaggeration to identify antisemitic sentiment as the begetter of the Prussian naturalization statistic and to call it "a specifically anti-Jewish citizenship policy" that allowed denominational, antisemitic, and nationalist modes of exclusionism to merge and focus specifically on immigrants from Eastern Europe, among whom there was a significant proportion of Jews.
The incense burner is the "ancestor and begetter of the alchemical furnace" that linked the "worlds" (Needham 1974).
To know what language a sentence has meaning in is to know an important fact about its begetter.
t]he will was the ultimate, irreducible, primeval principle of being, the source of all phenomena, the begetter present and active in every single one of them, the impelling force producing the whole visible world and all life .
was its only begetter and may yet be need as its main guarantor.
A begetter chiefly of sprinters and milers, he has been represented by plenty of so-so stallion sons himself, but via Danehill and Green Desert especially he features regularly in pedigrees of prominent runners, often in the top line.
Rather, we must note the movement in the narrative from desiring a woman as a sexual being and begetter, to desiring her for her intellectual power.
Rather, Latour becomes what Jim depicts in Antonia, a begetter and founder of a community modeled on the worldview St.
This reasoning would have suggested an interpretation of the jus in bello as the magical begetter of entitlements under the jus ad bellum, but what is important and interesting to note from the historical record is how the Bush Administration viewed each of these fronts in its "war on terror" as discrete episodes under international law--and that it went on to argue them as such under the jus ad bellum.
Without thought, invention you would not have been, O Sword, without idea and the Word's mediation, you would have remained unmanifest in the dim dimension where thought dwells, and beyond thought and idea, their begetter, Dream, Vision.
In the meantime its onlie begetter, Rosemary Cramp, has built up a modern archaeology department at Durham, created the Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Sculpture, trained three generations of early medievalists and written some 40 articles about her investigations at Wearmouth and Jarrow.
The puzzling dedication of the Sonnets "To the Only Begetter of These Ensuing Sonnets, Mr W.
He was a rarity, a begetter of stories about himself in his own lifetime.