beg off

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Synonyms for beg off

ask for permission to be released from an engagement

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There are many ways of reducing weight, the most traditional being exercise and lifestyle modifications but as time and history have proved, most people beg off this and prefer quick methods.
If they can get drunk or beg off normal citizens then they should get a job.
But it took twenty minutes to do the required hourly rounds and that gave me enough time to begin something, and then when he came back I could beg off conversation by saying I had schoolwork.
I hate these things -- too formal, too forced so I beg off to have some quick time to catch my breath.
He points to an overweight CBS colleague who kept pestering him to go bike riding some weekend, only to beg off when Keoghan tried to set a date.
It eliminates the step where an agent has to beg off solving a problem and promises a callback by someone who has more knowledge or authority.
ABC coach and athletic director Charles Ripley may beg off on our suggestion, but he could play the point while his Buffaloes volunteer assistants