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Synonyms for befuddled

Synonyms for befuddled

stupefied by alcoholic drink


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perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements

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The befuddled candidate claimed that trees produce more pollution than do automobiles.
Casey and Stew are drawn inevitably closer as their parallel paths converge, and their tale is peppered with a supporting cast of eccentric friends and befuddled parents.
His two letters in the Daily Post (December 30 and 31)exemplify the widespread befuddled British attitudes with regard to communal order.
I don't remember one contract, lease or sale/purchase that befuddled me.
The Cat Came Back) packs a polymorphous punch and soon wreaks havoc on the home the sleeping patterns of Doris and Roger and their appliances and their befuddled dog.
Would you be shocked to hear there are a few students who mix up their left and right hands, who confuse finger numbers and who are totally befuddled with the whole process of "counting"?
I think hiring a bunch of teenaged Aryan Nation New Age polka musicians to play at your picnic definitely qualifies as 'unusual,'" says the befuddled brewer.
This has befuddled many in the auto writing community, myself included, especially as we watch a company like Nissan come out of a coma, post a $2.
Befuddled, our businessman was left shaking his head.
1); languid partying sylphs in Daniel Reich's "The Nocturnal Dream Show," an homage to radical faeries and their drug-dazed, performing brethren, at Pat Hearn; weird slattern homebodies, including a befuddled Gramps, in Chris Verene's photos at Paul Morris and American Fine Arts; Cindy Sherman's portraits of rapacious or spaced-out women who fall short of the mark (Metro Pictures, Gagosian); Peter Hujar's photos of mental patients, Mrs.
She was befuddled and dismayed at my revelation to her.
In the story, first published in The New Yorker magazine in 1939 and collected in My World--and Welcome to It (1942), Mitty is a reticent, henpecked proofreader who is befuddled by everyday life.
MCWILLIAMS NONETHELESS CONTINues to insist that it is religion, but dumb Christians befuddled by Robertson and Falwell just don't understand their religion.
Rev Monday, BBC2, 10pm Tom Hollander - who played the befuddled In The Loop minister - plays Reverend Adam Smallbone in this new ecclesiastical comedy.