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Synonyms for befuddled

Synonyms for befuddled

stupefied by alcoholic drink


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perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements

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The difference between seeing and perceiving has befuddled psychologists, trial lawyers, and artists for centuries.
Ferrari's report on the Canadian Canon Law Society's annual convention, "Canon Lawyers Befuddled'; is a warning to both observer and participant about how the beginning stages of cutting self off from the Lord manifest themselves.
In his befuddled state he had fallen from the bridge and drowned, also suffering four fractured ribs in the fall.
SPRINGFIELD - One year ago, a befuddled Vin Lananna stood in the media tent at the conclusion of the NCAA West Regional men's cross country championships and wondered what had gone wrong.
** CALLAWAY, Janece (illus.) Liz Dowsett (text) Nanny's Quite Befuddled ...
A befuddled Jon Stewart shook his fist at it in anger.
You can almost here the classic Christmas carol playing in the befuddled brains of the force's barmy bosses
Daniel Radcliffe makes an exciting Broadway debut as the troubled adolescent, and Richard Griffiths, who played the free-spirited professor in both the film and stage versions of The History Boys and befuddled Uncle Vernon in the Potter movies, plays the psychiatrist who tries to help him.
Probably so befuddled by drink and drugs that they lose all sense of righteousness and common decency.
The SEC will "formally consider proposed amendments to overhaul or abolish 12b-1 fees, which have befuddled mutual fund investors for so long," said Cox.
That would bring more woe for Newcastle fans bewildered by Dennis Wise's appointment, befuddled by lack of transfer market activity and less idealistic by the day about Kevin Keegan's return.
I recall my business law class back in the early 1980s: The professor (a former Iowa Supreme Court judge) befuddled the class with how the law really works.
SIR - Poor Peter Hain seems to have become befuddled in the heady air of New Labour's National Conference.
It is Williams's decision to don blackface and perfect the stage role of the shuffling, befuddled Negro, which earns him his singular recognition, while alienating him from colleagues, friends, family and even himself.