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in an appropriate manner

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Our troops are responding befittingly, there has been heavy damage to Pakistan army posts," defence spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Manish Mehta said.
Befittingly, the deadline for submissions is Sunday June 18, 2017, Father's Day.
Pakistani troops befittingly responded to Indian shelling.
As delicious as it is expensive, the luxurious sundae is also adorned with 23 carat edible gold before being, befittingly, served on a Versace bowl and spoon to match.
Pakistani rangers befittingly responded to Indian fire," a statement from the army's Inter-Services Public Relations said.
Befittingly for an Emeritus director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Hands is repositioning Thomas as the greatest wordsmith since the Bard himself.
Somewhat less befittingly, they also invited a prominent member of Egypt's Nazi party, Ramy Jan.
The reception, next to the bar, was befittingly trendy and I was greeted warmly by staff.
Quite befittingly, planetbeing (aka David Wong) has won the Pwnie award for Best Privilege Escalation Bug at the recently concluded Black Hat hacking convention at Las Vegas.
Befittingly, Rob was as proud of creating a dynamic, positive corporate culture as he was of the substantial financial success that Chipcom achieved with him at its helm.
Her achievement is an amazing story of success in challenging circumstances and befittingly, she has been inundated with gestures from all around.
Befittingly, captain Bharath was adjudged man-of-the-match for leading from the front.
The almost baroque strokes of the ostentatious original are rather befittingly interpreted in the Pop face-lift given it by the artist.
25 -- The Chinese automobile market is the biggest is the world now and befittingly, Chinese automobile exports in passenger vehicle in the first half of the year increased 36 percent, according to Chinese media.
It is hoped that the Pakistan government will show no mercy to the killers and deal will be able to deal with the spectre befittingly