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a hall or barroom featuring beer and (usually) entertainment

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The book describes the arrest, sensational trial, and imprisonment of Hitler and nine others for treason after the November 1923 event known as the Beer Hall Putsch.
Treadwell Park is the dynamic craft beer hall on the Upper East Side offering delectable grub, inventive cocktails, complimentary self-serve popcorn, Pinball and Ping-Pong.
The post German court orders beer hall to host anti-immigrant party event appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Frankfurt has only one beer hall, Stuttgart, die MA1/4nchen all on call, Munich, vee lift our tunich,/
Revellers wanting an authentic Bavarian beer hall experience could also hire out traditional lederhosen and dirndl.
Stephanie Blalock's book, "Go to Pfaff's": The History of a Restaurant and Lager Beer Saloon contributes to the body of scholarship on bohemianism by fleshing out the specifics of Charles Ignatius Pfaff and the beer hall that served as the bohemians' home base.
5m and has moved from the barn, in which he started the brewery, into stylish premises, including a beer hall and acclaimed restaurant, in the Lake District village of Staveley, near Kendal.
Beer-makers Arran Brewery bought the dilapidated site and plan to set up a bottling plant, beer hall, brewing school and a cultural centre.
The development will feature 317 guest rooms, including 36 suites, a rooftop pool, two uniquely designed restaurants, an ultra-lounge, a beer hall, a spa and energizing fitness facility, and over 22,000 square feet of meeting space.
The emphasis is more on dining than on drinking, and, we can see this as we weave our way inside, avoiding well-stacked plates and tables groaning under the weight of sausages, Schnitzel, Rosti (hash brown potato cakes fried in butter), and other Swiss-German comfort foods that are the mainstays of beer hall cuisine.
The restaurant, which has high ceilings and long tables and benches to evoke that Bavarian beer hall feel, is next door to the cocktail bar Burrell co-owns with an equally simple name, Bar X.
The owners of the Austo-Hungarian restaurant and beer hall already have a 9,000 s/f location at 113 North Third Street in Williamsburg.
It is a music festival first for craft beer in Ireland and the Craft Collection Beer Hall will be the place to chill out and drink some great beers, including Blue Moon and Franciscan Well's Friar Weisse, Rebel Lager, Shandon Stout and Blarney Blonde.
Beer hall menus are filled with sausages, sauerkraut and leberkaese (think bologna meatloaf) and beer.
The exhibit also includes a beer hall, which will serve examples of New York-brewed craft beer several nights a week.