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a hall or barroom featuring beer and (usually) entertainment

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The beer hall will also be home to music and live entertainment from German Oompah bands.
The book describes the arrest, sensational trial, and imprisonment of Hitler and nine others for treason after the November 1923 event known as the Beer Hall Putsch.
The Upper East Side beer hall is offering patrons an actual taste of Ireland, with draft specials from Irish brewery, the Porterhouse Brewing Co.
New York, NY, November 19, 2016 --( Treadwell Park, the hottest craft beer hall destination in New York City, will celebrate their One Year Anniversary this December with the introduction of their Reserve Bottle List, featuring rare and vintage beers from around the world.
In the new 3,500-sq ft beer hall and restaurant, the standard communal table--typically defined by long, uniform pieces of wood--is reimagined in three different heights on each of Das Bier's levels.
A Munich court on Thursday ordered the owner of a beer hall where Adolf Hitler is thought to have made his first political speech to allow the anti-immigrant party Alternative for Germany (AfD) to hold an event there.
12, 1923, Hitler had to undergo a medical examination on his arrival at Landsberg prison, after his arrest following the failure of his first attempt to seize power in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch.
1923: The Munich Beer Hall Putsch marked the |start of Hitler's rise to power in Germany.
The marquee was set up like a traditional beer hall that could accommodate 1,750 people eager to revel in the atmosphere.
Stephanie Blalock's book, "Go to Pfaff's": The History of a Restaurant and Lager Beer Saloon contributes to the body of scholarship on bohemianism by fleshing out the specifics of Charles Ignatius Pfaff and the beer hall that served as the bohemians' home base.
The restaurant, which has high ceilings and long tables and benches to evoke that Bavarian beer hall feel, is next door to the cocktail bar Burrell co-owns with an equally simple name, Bar X.
The owners of the Austo-Hungarian restaurant and beer hall already have a 9,000 s/f location at 113 North Third Street in Williamsburg.
Angel City brewery launched two new beers on draft in Los Angeles, and the brewery and beer hall in downtown L.A.