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a can that holds beer

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The one criterion for entering is that the boats have to be made completely from empty beer cans.
GRAHAM BEATTIE, 55, of Odingsel Drive, Long Itchington, has been collecting beer cans from around the world for 25 years.
I wasn't worried about the beer can exploding in the heat because you open the top of the beer can so the steam can escape as the beer heats.
The group of 16-year-olds set upon the men with a metal pole, fists and beer cans.
Beer can collecting hit its peak in the United States during the late 1970s, when the BCCA had about 10,000 members, Gann said.
Associated Press--A researcher who has spent five years studying the problem of drinking and driving says that each year an average of 800 beer cans and bottles are tossed on the 600 miles of Kansas highway he surveyed.
He then threw a lamp at her and a box of beer cans after she fell to the floor.
And Jeff, who has more than 80,000 cans in his House of Beer Cans next to his home in Pennsylvania, USA, wants your rare and vintage cans.
Ms Squire said a woman who witnessed the attack on September 8 last year saw them punch and kick Mr Geraghty and smashed beer cans against his head.
He also made beer can fences and garlands to hang from his roof.
But on a more serious note, the beer can has brought beer to the masses and in many ways has changed the way we think about and enjoy having a drink.
SWEDISH beer can hunters are scouring Scotland for Tennent's famous Lager Lovelies.
James Brown, the local Beer Can Collector's Association secretary, said he began collecting cans about 30 years ago.
And with loyal Geordie fans finding life tough at the moment, it was no surprise to see hoards of black-and-white fans heading down the hilly streets of Blackburn with stocks of beer cans FOUR hours before the kick-off on Saturday.
A BARMAID who crushed beer cans between her breasts has been fined pounds 400 for breaking licensing laws.