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an electronic device that generates a series of beeps when the person carrying it is being paged


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Upland Special G3 EXP Featuring a brand-new beeper design, the Upland Special system ensures you always know where your bird dog is and if he's on point.
For all their ubiquity, backup beepers are poorly designed for their job, and some of their most annoying attributes are part of that poor design, says Chantal Laroche, a professor in the Audiology/Speech Language Pathology Department at the University of Ottawa, Canada, who has devoted much of her career to investigating the practical shortcomings of alarm sounds.
Systems e-collars run the gamut from the miniscule Ultra-E Series Models, advertised as the world's smallest, most compact remote training tool, to the Elite Super Pro Models with e-collar and beeper combinations that include nick and constant stimulation, vibration, and an anti-bark feature as well as the control system for automatic bird launchers.
The problem was that if your beeper fell into the hands of your subversive two-year-old on a long journey, you might find on your return home that the doors refuse to budge.
Japan's biggest mobile phone services operator will make available at the press center and other summit facilities 300 mobile phones and 300 beepers, which can display English-language Web pages, it said.
A solar storm was suspected for a 1997 power failure in an AT&T satellite that silenced beepers in North America for several days.
Our teen expert sees a rosy--and cheaper--wireless future: "I'm pretty sure that every single teenager will have a cell phone and beeper five to 15 years from now," Mara predicts.
The local plant, which has operated since 1970, was vulnerable to the shutdown because it only produce beepers for the North American market, which appears to be saturated.
The researchers suggest that hospitals modify the sounds produced in the critical care setting and find ways to screen patients from noise pollution, such as loud voices, television sets, equipment alarms, intercoms, and beepers.
What's worse, their efforts are being aided by the unwitting victims themselves, pathologically ambitious worker bees who wear their beepers during sex and develop a nervous tic if they go more than 10 minutes without checking voice-mail.
A recent NEA Today column mentions schoolchildren possessing and using telephone pagers or beepers during the school day (Trends, October).
The report also includes industry definition, 5-year historical trends on industry sales, establishments and employment and estimates on up to 10 sub-industries, cellular phones, pagers and beepers.
Chantelle Bill had 13 inches of her locks cut off at Beepers Hair Studio, in Radford Road, which is being donated to the Little Princess Trust.
Will beepers interfere with a dog's quest for game?