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She secured the opportunity to revive both the 230-year-old brand and the Beehive trademark, and has since designed collections of menswear and womenswear knits, from her studio in Darlington.
Beehive Bakery also takes special orders and offers catering options for all bakery items.
Beehive is the first P2P finance platform in the Middle East, offering investors direct access to the growth of carefully-selected, creditworthy SMEs.
It is made of a lattice of bent metal rods and will integrate audio and visual effects responding to movements of a real beehive back in the UK.
Beehive Group DMCC, UAE's first online peer-to-peer marketplace, saw an opportunity for a digital financing platform in the region when it realised that the government sought to increase its support of SMEs and give them alternate methods of financing.
Working north along a relatively short line, the sights are: the 2nd-magnitude heart of Hydra, Alpha (a) Hydrae (better known as Alphard--a name which means "the lonely"); the faint but compact and shapely head of Hydra; and a patch of glow well over a degree wide -M44, the Beehive Star Cluster.
Once the hub of the on-site thriving social scene, Beehive was key to the work/life community ethos created by Patons and Baldwins.
Prof Hobrough said: "I was delighted to be invited to join the Adopt A Beehive campaign and hopefully help those unable to keep bees themselves gain a real insight into the world of beekeeping.
SALT LAKE CITY -- What appears to be red honey is showing up in some Utah beehives and state officials say it may be coming from bugs feasting on candy cane byproduct.
- WA-488-P contains the giant Beehive prospect comprising two stacked structural objectives
To study the effect of the beehive type on the selected quality characteristics, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) model was used.
The beehive wasn't the first thing I noticed about this picture, tbh.
JANUARY 28 The Beehive Comedy Club Newbees, Beehive Inn, Edinburgh New material night.
The actress, who plays Kylie Platt in Coronation Street, looked just like the tragic star, complete with a huge black beehive and tattoos on her arm.
"I came up with a new beehive design that eliminates the need for frames by hard-mounting the foundation.