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Dorothy's beefsteak was smoking hot, and the shaggy man's apples were plump and rosy-cheeked.
I'll give you some of my beefsteak," proposed Dorothy; "there's plenty for us all.
Toto had the scraps left from the beefsteak, and he stood up nicely on his hind legs while Dorothy fed them to him.
Rouletabille took the eggs, which had been brought to him in a bowl, and the meat which was on a dish, placed all carefully beside him in the chimney, unhooked a frying-pan and a gridiron, and began to beat up our omelette before proceeding to grill our beefsteak.
At a table he sat and consumed beefsteak, flapjacks, doughnuts and pie.
But I bided my time, and one day, when opportunity was ripe, lured the animal away and settled for him with strychnine and beefsteak.
I'll take you where they'll fix you such a beefsteak as you never tasted in your life.
Then there was a man further along who had no eyes, and whose face was the color of a fly-blown beefsteak, and wrinkled and twisted like a lava-flow--and verily so tumbled and distorted were his features that no man could tell the wart that served him for a nose from his cheek-bones.
His favourite breakfast was two pigeons, three beefsteaks, a bottle of Moselle, a glass of Champagne, two glasses of port and one of brandy.
In addition to veggie dogs, black-bean burgers, and meat-free burritos, the Phillies offer faux-chicken patties and mock beefsteaks as well as hummus with pretzels and more.
8) 15 Slice the beefsteaks for a Scottish evening meal (3) 16 The extremist is in fact Ian, oddly enough (7) 17 Saving with the New Money Co.
He threw so hard his catchers cushioned their gloves with beefsteaks and with control so precise he could--and did--knock lit cigarettes from the mouths of obliging teammates.
Much ado is often made over beefsteaks, even I have been known to partake of the residue of cows .
The range, including carrot & coriander soup, beefsteaks with pepper sauce, and a green vegetable medley, is the first in the range to include the new FSA front-of-pack traffic light labelling scheme.
Salvemini plans to enter his favorite Olena Ukrainians in Saturday's 15th annual Tomatomania in Encino, where more than 100 tomato aficionados are expected to savor the cherries, plums, oxhearts and beefsteaks, much as a sommelier savors a fine wine.