beef tongue

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the tongue of a cow eaten as meat

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As for food, it ranges from Edamame Hummus with Taro Chips for $6 to Tsukune (chicken meat balls) for $6 to beef tongue with Karashi mustard for $10 to mixed tempura for $12.
Let your imagination run wild: beef tongue, ostrich medallions, frog's legs, calf's liver, buffalo rib-eye, and duck done four different ways (l'orange, Amaretto, cranberry and green peppercorn).
The beef tongue stew with warm bread and a drink, devised primarily by Yoshimoto Kogyo, will sell for 600 yen between Dec.
Frozen raw beef tongue rates very considerably according to trim specification but are steady and likely to be so for some time ahead due to sufficient availability from other sources.
Dual-ovenable meals sold in France under the Carte Delice label feature cod, roast pork, salmon, chicken, trout and beef tongue.
How will they do with beef tongue and microwaveable chocolate cake in the appetizer basket?
Aside from the beef, lamb, chicken and salad classics, there are grilled camel meat, foie gras, and beef tongue burgers.
The izakaya spot Nombe in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood rolled out a new menu of beef ramen this year, starring oxtail, short ribs, and beef tongue, topped with buttery tree mushrooms and a swirl of umami foam.
Also on the menu are "jars" each filled with something for spreading on crackers or bread, salads and heartier dishes such as a lusty Beef Tongue Salad, a Spinach Salad with Fried Onions and Mustard Vinaigrette and a crowd-pleasing Skillet Patty Melt.
At the same seminar, Kiyoshi Okawara, chairman of the Sendai Gyutan Shinkoukai, said the gyutan industry is taking a blow from dwindling inventories of beef tongue stemming from the ban.
This is silky Shanxi-style oat noodles, nine types of dim sum, and red braised pork sandwiches (above) served beside beef tongue tacos, scallop ceviche, and dollops of creamy guacamole.
Olive Brined Wagyu Beef Tongue Pastrami with Horseradish Sauce
Perhaps the brightest emerging culinary star is John Besh, a Southern Louisiana native whose signature dishes at the stunning Restaurant August inside an historic building in the Central Business District include the BLT--buster crabs, lettuce, and tomatoes on pain perdue, and Tongue and Cheek, a combination of foie gras, veal cheeks and beef tongue terrine.
Hakuyoken, a local catering service, is offering an example of the cuisine of France's Brittany region -- beef tongue in apple sauce accompanied by lentils and a cooked apple dessert.