beef tea

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an extract of beef (given to people who are ill)


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This made me realise many of those environment-destroying wild cattle were eventually condensed to the most unromantic of substances, British beef tea.
QUEEN Victoria was so moved by the work of Florence Nightingale (right) during the Crimean War that she had the store deliver beef tea to Florence and her nurses at Scutari hospital in Antolia, Turkey, in 1854.
Sipping their beef tea, they mused on the prospects of the new man on the sacred turf as the rain blew in.
Product: Beef tea once beloved of football fans on chilly terraces.
But brand owners Unilever yesterday revealed that stock is being reintroduced to the classic beef tea, invented by Scot John Lawson Johnston.
But owners Unilever announced yesterday that beef was being reintroduced to the classic beef tea.
And so the evening began and continued to do so for three-anda-quarter hours with only a tenminute break for a quick swig of beef tea.
The old git is lying prone in front of the telly, a half-eaten pie on his chest and a cup of cold beef tea at his side.
In those days patients were given a beef tea, which Grace liked and she remembers being fascinated by the nurses' caps which had tiny neat pleats and were tilted on their heads so she wondered how they stayed on.
HIS glorious skills and bursts of zig-zagging acceleration soared into the hearts of football lovers when the game was moving from the days of Brylcreem,centre-partings, distant gas-works and the steam of beef tea, to broach the modern age of flash cars and Swiss bank accounts.
As I say, I'm sure Bugs Bunny would have lapped it up, but it just wasn't my cup of beef tea.
It keeps me bizzy (sic) getting them beef tea and gruel.
There is beef tea at 11am, afternoon tea at 4pm and superb five-course dinners at night.