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The results: cub production did, in fact, correspond closely to beech mast production, with peaks of cub production in the springs following abundant mast crops.
Feeds on hazelnuts, acorns, beech mast, tree bark, fungi, buds, leaves, shoots, flowers - will also raid birds' nests.
The same holds true, in spades, for beech mast, although it is far less plentiful and predictable than oak mast.
Whilst breeding in the wild is thought to relate to the amount of available beech mast (Burgess et al.
They limit their annoying tactics to dropping half-eaten pine cones and beech mast on my head as I take my morning constitutional.
As an example, winter and spring temperatures during 2000-2001 were as much as +3.5[degrees]C and +2.5[degrees]C above the long-term average, but the beech mast in 2000 was one of the lowest reported, and NE incidence was low in 2001 (median 0.25).