bee sting

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a sting inflicted by a bee

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The most deadly triggers of anaphylaxis, are wasp and bee stings.
All personnel, including onlookers, should be adequately protected or clear of the area to prevent bee sting exposures during insecticide applications.
One bee sting on Monday during the golf challenge against Joost Luiten led to a major allergic reaction with flu symptoms and forced me to pull out of my favourite tournament of the year.
My specific concern about this latest fad, stings, is danger of anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction to a bee sting.
Recently, the program focused on alternative treatment procedures that involve the use of bloodsucking leeches, bee stings, snake venom and other surprising modalities derived from nature in curing patients suffering from a wide range of exotic ailments.
We talked about the benefits of bee stings, but when we got there we could barely harass them into stinging me as they are such peaceful creatures by nature.
9-12) Kidney failure and cardio toxicity cause most toxic bee sting deaths.
Acute myocardial injury after a honey bee sting is a previously very rarely reported complication.
Her Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Bee Sting Facial is a treatment using natural and organic ingredients for an instant anti-ageing lift.
And the best thing is unlike other botox-treatments which tend to make people look overly surprised and expressionless, Bee Sting facial will leave your friends guessing.
Check to see if the stinger is still in place when a flustered child (or parent) comes in right after a bee sting.
For the beekeeper, however, the possibility of an occasional bee sting does not outweigh the enjoyment and income of maintaining a beehive.
A 90-YEAR-OLD woman died after a freak reaction to a bee sting.
Until rescue vehicles arrived Jones administered CPR to a man who had gone into allergic shock from a bee sting when his expired epinephrine pen did not work.
The corneal bee sting is a rare event and injuries associated with it can appear as penetrating, immunologic, or toxic presentations; or as a combination of all three mechanisms.