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a furnished sitting room with sleeping accommodations (and some plumbing)

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The bedsit babes are also likely to start a war with Victor who they have seen stirring up trouble between the `tribes' in the house and trying to influence voting.
The bedsit girls cackled evilly while Jason, from Motherwell, moaned at his housemates.
When Emma came back into the house from her bedsit and told Nadia and Marco that Victor and Jason had been plotting against them all, it instantly divided the house into two camps.
The bedsit pair were due to return to the house last night, after producers decided to end their confinement early.
The bodies of the two 23-year-old students were found after an explosion at a rented bedsit in New Cross.
The group, living under the Supported Bedsit scheme, say they are happy where they are and do not want the upheaval of moving home.
Now detectives are waiting for the results of forensic tests on a knife found at the bedsit.
And Emma said Michelle was upset by Stuart playing down their relationship as they watched in the bedsit.
Michelle Bass, 23, of Dinnington, Newcastle, had been eavesdropping on the housemates with Emma after their fake eviction to the bedsit last Friday.
The bedsit girls will spring a surprise tonight when they walk back into the main house.
As they stood in the corridor outside, Michelle and Emma looked puzzled when two Big Brother crew appeared and led them in silence to the cramped 1970s-style bedsit.
Detectives are to dig up the grave of the 21-year-old from Herefordshire, who died in a Devon bedsit in May 2000.
The joint service for Toni-Ann Byfield and her father Bertram, who were gunned down at a bedsit in Kensal Green, north-west London, on September 14, was taking place in Birmingham.
POLICE were yesterday continuing their attempt to bring a peaceful end to a nine-day siege in which a gunman is holding a hostage in a bedsit - and said the cut-off point for negotiations had not yet been reached.
A HEROIN-USING former student found dead in her bedsit had been given an injection by a boyfriend she had just split up with, an inquest was told today.