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space by the side of a bed (especially the bed of a sick or dying person)

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"Lady Janet was, most unluckily, present when this impudent opinion was delivered at the bedside.
"Two hours later--I give you my word of honor I am not exaggerating--Mercy Merrick was established at Julian's bedside.
As to what I may term the lighter duties at your bedside such as reading to you, writing your letters for you while your right hand is still disabled, regulating the temperature in the room, and so on--though I cannot speak positively, I think it likely that these little services may be rendered to you by another person whom I have not mentioned yet.
The hand-bell is on my bedside table; and I can always ring for Peter if the light keeps me from sleeping.
He was annoyed at his son's being there, at the bedside, when he ought to have been addressing the electors.
Left free to pursue his own thoughts, and to guide his own movements, Julius went straight from Lord Holchester's bedside to Lady Holchester's boudoir.
He watched long by the bedside of the suffering woman; he remained longer still in consultation with his medical brethren; he went back again to the sick-room, before Miss Garth could prevail on him to communicate to her the opinion at which he had arrived.
Her daughters were kneeling at the bedside as her spirit passed away.
I was now left in sole charge of Miss Halcombe, with every apparent chance, in consequence of her sister's resolution not to leave the bedside, of having Lady Glyde herself to nurse next.
So far, I could hardly have done much better by the bedside myself.
Crayford still keeps her place by the bedside, too anxious and too wakeful to retire to her own room.
Some precious time had been lost, through his obstinate objection to the presence of a medical man at his bedside. Generally speaking, he appeared to be in a delicate state of health.
Night and day this estimable woman was at his bedside. In her brief intervals of repose, her brother watched the sick man in her place.
Candy's bedside. I told you he was delirious, I think?
The temptation to say somethin g which might set her aunt talking again was too strong to be resisted--if she remained at the bedside. Despairing of herself she rose and turned to the door.