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Synonyms for bedrock

Synonyms for bedrock

solid unweathered rock lying beneath surface deposits of soil

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In zone C cleavage of next bedrock package occurs, wherein its geometry is determined by full displacement angle (along the wall length) and stable flow along excavation column (which depends on thickness of the cleaved bedrock package and its mechanical characteristics).
Freeze presents the Bedrock Warehouse Party with John Digweed, Friendly Fires (DJ set), Neil Barnes, Mark E, Thomas Tuft and Greg Wilson at Camp and Furnace tomorrow.
In the case of periodic bedrock ridges, Montgomery believes high surface winds on Mars are deflected into the air by a land formation, and they erode the bedrock in the area where they settle back to the surface.
CUTLINE: (1) The 187-yard, par-3 fourth is the signature hole at Bedrock Golf Club.
Bedrock Blazestone's signature tiles, on the other hand, are not colorized but rely on the glass taken from the waste stream to create a palette of browns, blues and greens akin to the muted tones found in spa environments.
He says: 'I'm blown away, it's a massive step for Bedrock.
The results we got this year indicated some very good indicator minerals and we plotted them on base maps along with some bedrock geology and started to see some potential exploration.
Bedrock, which procures its glass from curbside recycling programs and other sources, such as stained glass manufacturers, joins a list of 10 other Seattle-area companies that have joined the LinkUp program, including recyclers of scrap plastic, concrete, wood and other materials.
Much of the Pine Island Glacier rests on bedrock that lies more than 1 km below sea level, says Shephered.
Bedrock well sites are identified by locating the intersection of bedrock fractures where the groundwater availability potential is the greatest.
This study produced a series of maps showing the bedrock topography and geology of Mackinac County, Michigan, to assist in the analysis and development of groundwater supplies.
Groundwater in Ingham County has been characterized as "hard," with the exception of naturally "soft" groundwater in one area of bedrock water wells.
While studying bedrock formations in the Hebgen Lake fault in Montana, they discovered that the chemical makeup of the bedrock had changed after it was affected by an earthquake.