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confinement to bed continuously (as in the case of some sick or injured persons)

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He cited what he called a "sobering" metaanalysis of four randomized, controlled trials of bedrest in twin pregnancies.
And Ex-Cell Home Fashions continues to build its Stackables collection of floor cushions, neckrolls, cubes and bedrests with more fabric choices and price points.
A nurse-driven mobility protocol given to the intervention group included questioning bedrest and urinary catheter orders, ambulating patients three to four times per day, and getting all patients out of bed to the chair for meals.
A meta-analysis of bedrest versus early ambulation in the management of pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, or both.
Althuisius concluded that "therapeutic cerclage with bedrest reduces preterm delivery before 34 weeks and neonatal morbidity in women at high risk of preterm delivery.
Combined with the increased use of insulin, it may be that OBs preferred pharmacological interventions, while FPs favored behavioral interventions, such as bedrest and diet.
Approximately 1 year after the support program began in the NICU, the nurse coordinator of labor and delivery requested that mothers on bedrest be included in the program.
A spokesman said: "Britney has been ordered bedrest as a result of the flu and severe throat infection.
The minimally invasive technique, called kyphoplasty offers a good alternative for patients who fail to respond to the traditional approaches of bedrest, analgesics, and back braces.
18] Negative sodium and potassium balances, reduced plasma volume, increased urine output, and decreased levels of plasma catecholamines also have been observed in early bedrest periods (2-10 days), creating further vulnerability during positioning for critically ill patients.
She agreed to a discharge plan for bedrest at home with frequent visits by a home health aide and the involvement of a social worker.
Before controlled anticoagulation was a viable option, many health care providers were taught thrombus masses may become dislodged with activity, and mandatory bedrest was the most reasonable treatment of choice for DVT (Aschwanden et al.
Although they inevitably end up enjoying another passionate day of bedrest, there is one antidote to their love sickness.
Finally, the patient with a cerebrospinal fluid leak had a history of cerebrospinal fluid leakage from previous myelograms and was successfully managed by bedrest.
Therapeutic options for premature labor include bedrest with hydration in combination with tocolytic drugs such as intravenous magnesium sulfate or [beta]-sympathomimetic agents including ritodrine and terbutaline.