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a shallow vessel used by a bedridden patient for defecation and urination

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A A bedpan is a good solution for people who are confined to bed after surgery or an accident, or who are immobile for other reasons.
Book of Etiquette": What was I after / in the orchard the / roots What was the lesson / he missed the rhetoric And / on the bed the eiderdown / And on the plate the urgency / the peat the impossibilities What / was the string that snapped the golden/plectrum the bedpan the syllables / an unstrung bowl of unripe / the rinds the bracelet the bare wrist
Prof Wenger, who was admitted to the mixed ward with bowel problems, described having to wait to give a nurse a bedpan of samples while patients and visitors circled around.
If the failure to have a single bedpan available on an entire unit (and/or no one had the initiative to obtain one or otherwise assist the patient) is not ordinary negligence--what is?
Mason Medical's LS9900 Low-Air-Loss mattress system enables the use of a bedpan without compromising resident comfort or safety.
Bedpan Park is always fun--it's a triangle park with no real grass, just a bunch of sand and a fountain in the middle of it that's dedicated to Mildred P Flagardly--or something like that is her name--supposed inventor of the bedpan.
IN these vulgar days you might expect a pub near a hospital to be renamed the Cough and Sputum or the Bedpan and Urine Sample.
According to Valldosera, this piece is an ironic metaphor for the corporeal; the light reveals what would be the head (made up of medicines), followed by the spinal column (cleaning products, ordered by size), and finally reaching the extremities covered by pants that are filled by a prosthesis; all of this ending in a bedpan.
I have to take her to the dining room, then I'll get your bedpan," she promises.
Attitudes about bedpan use are another example of change.
favorites) including Vince McMahon's bedpan, Baseball Bat,
Medicine Hardware - individual award by trade - mainly consisting of:Operating table systems, ceiling and wall supply devices, surgical and examination lights, data-screen video management, monitoring, pumping systems, anesthesia ventilators, electrosurgical devices, ENDO-MIC-tower, patient lifts, massage tables, instruments, bedpan, accessories in general and more.
Mr Hunt surely faces a backlash after emptying the political equivalent of a full bedpan on idealistic young carers who retain public support.
We were unable to visit on a regular basis due to the wards being closed because of norovirus and, on the couple of occasions we were allowed in, we always found him in a state of distress due to food or drink being placed on the table out of his reach and on one occasion when he needed a bedpan his buzzer was ignored.
The very thought of Mrs Jones the school cleaning woman (she would not have had the title cleaning "lady" in those days) using the same bedpan as the squire's wife made their blood run cold.