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without a bed


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(31) It is possibly significant that in addition to quoting Sophocles' Electra, Theodorus's wife keeps him, like his character, "bedless" (or "unmarried," the etymology of Electra's name) until after the performance.
anomalous results usual set, so normal blessed bedless [BLESSED] [d] Devastate.
Recounting her nights in the bedless, unheated punishment cell (shizo), Ratushinskaia writes of experiencing vivid, beautiful dreams: "In just about all these dreams you can fly.
The so-called ambulatory care centre was one of the keystones of Birmingham Health Authority's ambitious plan to develop the city's health services for the Millennium and was originally dubbed a "bedless hospital".
I was knickerless, moneyless and bedless in Los Angeles.
As the list continues, the opening declaration that things are not as we would have them be erodes as desire takes on a phantom existence through these "nots." In the last stanza, "No-one" emerges at the bedside, personified in a "gown ratty from seawater and sand and from bedless cubicles / bedowned by whirling feathered things" (10).
Informed by authorities that he will receive leniency if he confesses to his "crime," Jack is confined to a bare, bedless cell and confronted by a Red Army general whose daughter was the murder victim before being put on trial before a strict female judge (Tsai Chin).
To provide employment for the involuntarily unemployed, warm places for the cold, beds for the bedless, food for the hungry, love for the unloved, compassion for the homeless, and encouragement for the despairing.
Topics discussed included Simone's role in creating with the first "bedless" hospital with Montefiore Health Systems; his company's plans to transform the Boyce Thompson property in Yonkers and the explosive growth of New York City's outer boroughs creating opportunities for Westchester's urban centers, notably Yonkers, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle and White Plains, all towns "where young people are going to live.
The worst affected hospitals were those in Dublin with 27 people bedless in the Mater and 31 people in Beaumont.
City Hospital has been designated as the site for a new bedless hospital - an ambulatory care centre - which will offer hi-tech, rapid diagnosis and treatment.
The result was bedless bedlam, with hordes of punters bawling, ballistic, bewildered or bevvied.
Leibler, whose firm just delivered the first-ever "bedless hospital," a 280,000square-foot ambulatory surgical center located at Simone's Hutchinson Metro Center campus in the Bronx, on behalf of Montefiore.
POLE-AXED: Bedless Keith' IN THE PINK: Margaret shows off some moves in her boudoir
City Hospital was designated as the site for a new breed of bedless hospital - an ambulatory care centre - although the health authority said this would be built alongside existing wards.