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Synonyms for bedim

Synonyms for bedim

make darker and difficult to perceive by sight


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make obscure or unclear

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I've done castings for people in Alaska and even had people come from Bedim Germany, to have me do castings.
Austrian production designer Peter Manhardt does a seamless job of stitching together locations in four countries, with Vienna's streets doubling for '30s Bedim two Swedish mansions repping the real Castle Gripsholm (now an off-limits national shrine), a lake in Austria standing in for the baron's, and a ship in Denmark used for the train-ferry that transports the couple from Germany.
Threatened even as he closes, Coleridge hears "the Birds of warning sing," then personally resolves to be "unpartaking of the evil thing" (389) and to remain alert, "Cleans'd from the vaporous passions that bedim / God's Image" (390).
Vivianne Correia dos Santos MORAES *, Joao Romario Gomes DA SILVA, Fabio Luiz Fully TEIXEIRA, Bruno Correia Ulisses SOBREIRA, Jucara Goncalves Lima BEDIM & Marcus Lima BEDIM
Pic starts in Finland's snowy wastes, with pop musician Artsi (Teemu Aromaa) bidding a fond farewell to his pals as he sets sail for Bedim where he holes up in the Downhill City Hotel and tries to sell his songs.