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a temporary associate

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a person with whom you share a bed

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The Perimeter Mattress Cover compliments existing Posey products, including Soft Rails, Roll Guards, and Bedfellow Positioning Rolls.
She boldly explains to newcomers to alternative modalities that the true motivation of the prejudice the traditional health care industry clings to lies with its bedfellow, profitability, from patentable synthetics and pharmaceuticals.
Andrew Greeley, an unlikely bedfellow, twist away in childish fashion from facing a fact, plain to all.
His other major pianistic influence is Lili Kraus, strange bedfellow indeed of Bilson's, but a healthy sign the author has broad tastes.
So, I must honestly report that I am not at all a bedfellow of Falwell or Robertson.
They are also a perfect bedfellow for rich ingredients such as chocolate, cream and alcohol.
To their chorus the unlikely bedfellow of business has been added recently: Joining the hotel owners and tour operators, southern Chile's salmon growers are up in arms about plans for forestry projects they say could wreak havoc on the region's supply of clean water, tampering with a US$1 billion export industry dependent on delicate environmental factors.
More than 1,000 women across the country were asked who their fantasy bedfellow would be.
A STUFFED BEDFELLOW At this point you need to do a quick inventory of the cuddly toys on your bed and identify a missing buddy, possibly one you hid earlier in the day if you're a budding Machiavelli like me.
Irritated at the thought of a sleepless night ahead with a very unquiet bedfellow, she was about to hoof him back t o his own room when, snuggled into her chest, he whispered: "You're the warmest thing in the world.
Twenty-eight-year-old Abraham Lincoln and his 24-year-old bedfellow, Joshua Speed.
WILLIAM Hague will have to share a grace-and-favour home with new political bedfellow Nick Clegg.
It would have been a case of strange political bedfellows.
With all manner of unlikely bedfellows calling to legalise the dreaded weed, perhaps it is time to let cooler heads prevail.
As a whole, the show looks less like an exploration of the intercourse between such strange bedfellows as art and reality than a pasteup for the perfect textbook of the last 30 years of photography.