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confined to bed (by illness)

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The ADL index is calculated by adding proportions of residents dependent on eating, toileting, transferring, bedfast, chair bound, and ambulatory within the facility.
Residents determined to be bedfast on the most recent assessment.
9% FIGURE 5b Facilities that improved care Non-Alliance Peers Alliance Bedfast 24% 29% 35.
One year, when Ken was bedfast, he invited the fellows to come by in groups of three or four to sit by his bed while he held forth on the issues of the day.
1985), Joyriders (1986), The Belle of Bedfast City (1986), and Clowns (1996), deal subtly with various ignored facets of life in both Protestant and Catholic communities.
They went into nursing homes and adopted patients who were in their late 80s and early 90s and bedfast.
She became bedfast and someone had to be with her 24 hours a day.
abdomen bedfast bighead bingham Carbons chiders clomped clonked cobnuts corbans counted dabster deports demount disject ditches dithers docents dustmen endmost foments fondest frontes gabfest gunshot habitus hagnuts hedonic herdics hognuts holking horsing hosting Jacobin modems mounted mulcted noughts plonked ponders redfish redtops respond rodents rodsmen scoring shifted shifter shoring shotgun snorted snouted sported spouted thouing throngs unmoved
1) Angel, a chow-shepherd mix, elicits a smile Sunday from Cory Callison, 9, bedfast until a heart can be found for a transplant.
Even when the men were bedfast, their monthly cost to the foundation was less than $75 per month, often considerably less.
In old age, death, property matters, spiritual advancing, retirement, having enough money to last throughout the rest of life, staying healthy, handle aging well, getting moved/worry about staying in same house, grandchildren's well-being, worry about becoming bedfast, medical expenditure.
The friend was bedfast, and his doctors had given up on him.
This new type of air-rifle participation developed into the Bedfast program, which refers to the actual mobilization of hospital beds for participation in therapeutic activities.
Our nursing standard of care regarding postoperative activity is bedfast with bathroom privileges the first 24 hours, whether in the PACU or on the nursing unit.
He wanted to help clean, to care for others, but now he was bedfast.