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cover with drops of dew or as with dew

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The judgmentally moralistic stance with which he entered Indiana's home has been disarmed by her meritorious virtue; her tears now bedew his eyes.
He made a very ill appearance: he was very big; his hair was red, hanging oddly about him; his tongue was too big for his mouth, which made him bedew all that he talked to: and his whole manner was rough and boisterous, and very unfit for a court.
But if (to borrow language from the mint of Gorgias [52]), if only the attendants will bedew us with a frequent mizzle[53] of small glasses, we shall not be violently driven on by wine to drunkenness, but with sweet seduction reach the goal of sportive levity.
Accommodate any payment mechanisms that suit the payee, not just the ones that will not bedew the brows of your accounting staff.
But Stael, following the lead of Walter Scott's lines in the first canto of Marmion memorializing Nelson, Pitt, and Fox, recasts such ancestral worship as a civic exercise of sentiment enacted within the walls of Westminster Abbey where "vous voyez les tombeaux de Pitt et de Fox a cote l'un de l'autre, et les memes larmes les arrosent" (543) ["you behold the tombs of Pitt and Fox beside each other, and the same tears bedew both" (673)]: