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an ornamental plant suitable for planting in a flowerbed


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Unfortunately, it's virtually impossible to distinguish a seed-raised bedding plant from a cutting-raised one at point of sale.
Mc Mahon "TotalGrow[TM] lights demonstrated the potential for drastic energy savings over HPS lights while producing crops of equal or better quality in our bedding plant testing.
The two studies offer promising results for arid regions and areas where bedding plant production is vital to the local economy.
A few years ago, on the 6th of June, my wife and I were shopping for bedding plants.
Annual sales account for 40 per cent of bedding plants, but recently, especially in 2011, displays were ruined by downy mildew, causing yellowing, defoliation and death.
IMPATIENS walleriana, commonly known as Busy Lizzy, has in the last 30 years come from nowhere to be the nation''s favourite summer bedding plant because of its outstanding ability to flower continuously throughout the summer without the need for deadheading.
The fibrous rooted Begonia semperflorens has been a popular bedding plant for many years and, because it is unaffected by any pests or diseases, can flower all summer long, without anything other than good watering and feeding - it doesn't even need dead-heading
If you wish, just let the carnation wander through your garden bed, its attractive blue-green stems and leaves a pleasant complement to the multicolored foliage of sun coleus, for example, and also to the blue-gray stems and leaves of stock, which is another bedding plant for this time of year.
TIP OF THE WEEK: The best bedding plant for planting in the shade this time of year is cyclamen.
Considered a summer bedding plant, vinca grows best when it is planted before the end of spring.
Lately I have been marveling at a certain wax begonia (Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum), used ubiquitously as a bedding plant.
This tough bedding plant grows easily from seed to a height of nearly 2 feet.
Among these are a spring bedding plant called lineria, and the upright spikes of flowers such as delphinium and foxglove.